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Friday, January 27, 2012


When I discovered I had the opportunity to live in Brazil for 6 months, I was ecstatic.

I get go to a place I love dearly, a place I’ve known since I was 9 years old. I get to go and become even more involved in the culture – finally learn the language.  And I get to do that while doing what I love … filming…. producing…. telling a story. I get the opportunity to taking another step towards the life I always imagined for myself. 

It’s exciting – but an experience like this … is also terrifying. 

My worse fear is that by month 3 – I am going to be ready to come home. I don’t want to give up on this – If I set out for 6 months I want to achieve that goal. I am up for challenge, but I can’ t remember  the last thing I’ve done for 6 months. I’ve never even been in a relationship that lasted that long, and I was about to make a pretty huge commitment to the country of Brazil.

In fact if anything, so much change has happened in less than 6 months during my lifetime. What’s crazy to thing about is that this inevitable change and growth is going to happen to me, in a different country. Who will I come back as? Who will I step back as in this same airport 6 months from now?

But I have realized this – no matter who I come back as in 6 months time – I know she will be a better person than who sits here today … the girl that sits here staring at that A9 gate entrance, is scared. I already admire that girl that in 6 months will be walking out of that gate after overcoming what is sure to be the biggest challenge of her life. Ready or not, I will step on that plane knowing I am taking the first steps towards growing into that very person.  

All we are in life are the decisions we make. Sometimes you have to put all reason aside and run face first into the challenges you know are sure to come down the path you choose. But you take off at a full sprint anyway, because what will come from it is not only a better person, but a clearer path for others to follow… thus little by little making this world a little easier to walk in.

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Dave said...

Glad I can start reading these again, love them, I'll be with you over the next 6 months reading these, take care of yourself!